CNA Class Requirements

CNA classes are the short-term training courses that can be taken part-time and full-time through various accredited programs. It is the shortest way to enter the health care field that does not require you to study for years and invest a big amount of money. Even the duration is not lengthier since it is just a certification course that makes you proficient in handling basic nursing duties. However, supervision is absolutely necessary and there is a limitation when it comes to taking crucial steps or judgment.

Assuming that you are ready for donning the nurse uniform, we are pleased to guide you about the indispensable aspects of the CNA classes. Let us start from the very basic necessity.

Educational and Age Requirements

When speaking about the qualification, first it is necessary to know which state are you residing in. Please know that professional training programs are controlled by the federal and state government. Though the federal has the main say in dictating terms, there is some liberty offered to the states in implementing rules. This is because the state government has a better idea about the needs of the residents than the federal. Therefore, there are minor changes across the United States regarding the admission criteria.

However, if we consider the general requirements prevailing throughout, most educators offer admission to students holding a high school diploma. There is also a provision for those who are not able to pursue their education up to high school. Such students are supposed to take the GED tests. Holding a GED certification is equivalent to a high school diploma. If you are changing your profession after serving for a long period and possess the qualification, you may have to do the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).

If this is the start for you career, then there is an entrance test. You have to prove your general knowledge by passing the test that includes few basic questions relating to math, and English. Your ability to read, write and communicate in English language is also judged. If you have not succeeded in the entrance test, you can try it after three months.

As far your age is concerned, all accredited schools and colleges will require students who have touched 18 years in age. You may also get to qualify for the class even if you are 16 years old in some states.

Physical and Personal Qualities

The job of a nursing assistant is more than just taking vital signs or reporting to the supervisors. It actually entails a lot of physical work where you need to lift and move patients. The movement could be from the bed to the examination department, to the dining hall, to the toilet, or for physiotherapy. Though there are devices such as wheelchairs, and lifts, backed by the support staff, you have to apply manual labor as well. Therefore, you must be able to lift at least 70 pounds of weight. In addition, the job will need you to walk and stand for longer hours. You have to perform several activities in the shift where you have to use both your hands, stretch and bend your body, pull, push and reach. Along with dexterity, good hearing ability and vision are also required.

As a student, you are supposed to have a pleasing personality. This does not mean you have to be good-looking. Personality can be enhanced by decent dressing and always wearing a gentle smile on your face. You should be able to work in a team environment, take and implement orders, communicate with patients and staff, and build up relationships. Having tremendous patience is also necessary as there certain incidences in the job that may force you to lose your cool.

Law and Health Requirements

Nursing is a sensitive and serving profession in which you stay with the patients for the entire shift and take care. The patients, their families and the employers believe that you will perform your duty with utmost dedication. You may also have to take care of a patient at his or her home when family members are busy in their offices. Hence, for the safety of the patients, the state government needs you to take a drug test and a background check. Students addicted to drug and holding a criminal record are not allowed for the training.

As you are appointed to patients improving their health, it is compulsory to know if you are healthy first. For this, a physical examination is necessary to find you have good health and mental state and can accomplish the duty efficiently. You are required not to be suffering from any disease that spread through the air. There is also a need to take immunization shot to prevent from TB, Hepatitis and Measles.