CNA Classes in Omaha NE

Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska and 42nd populous city in America. It was founded in 1854, and its names represents the meaning “dwellers on the bluff.” It has some of the biggest healthcare employers in the state namely, Alegent Health System, Nebraska Medical Center and Methodist Health System. Besides these major players in the medical field, there are several medical treatment centers always looking for health care professionals. This means, youngsters holding a dream of becoming a nurse assistant need not have to worry about their future.

If you have not thought about the nursing career yet, then you are missing some fabulous opportunists you can convert them into your advantage. A high degree of commitment and interest for the profession is important for that. You can easily build up your nursing career in just a few weeks through enrolling in CNA classes in Omaha. With training and earning a nurse aide certification, you can become a part of the growing medical industry.

Requirements to Join Classes

Nebraska state needs you to complete 16 years in age before enrolling in the training program. To complete the admission process, you will be asked to pass a background check, submit reports on medical immunization, pass a short test that includes questions on math and English. Mostly, schools and colleges will not deviate from these mandatory requirements set by the state. However, this does not confirm that training provider is state-accredited. It is your responsibility to confirm their accreditation status by contacting the nurse aide registry.

There are two options in Nebraska for working as a nurse assistant. It is up to you pick any one. If you want to work in all types of medical facilities, you have to complete 75-hour of training. If the plight of mentally retarded disturbs you, and you want to devote your service to them, you just need to complete 21 hours of training in which you will learn the basic resident care. There is also no need to appear for the exam. However, if you want to be listed on the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry, you better complete the 75-hour training. You will also learn to report negligence and abuse for one extra hour summing up the training to 76 hours.

Topics Covered

CNA classes in Omaha cover varied topics such as anatomy, essentials nursing skills, infection control, monitoring patients' conditions, safety measures, legal rights of patients, following work ethics and honoring patients' privacy, etc. The clinical sessions which are provided for 16 hours of the 75 mandatory hours include taking care of patients, measuring vital signs, assisting in taking a bath, providing bedpans, taking care of patients' hygiene, moving patients by safely lifting them from the beds and escorting to the required units with the help of wheelchairs.

Once you have successfully completed the required training hours, you can apply for certification exam. Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services administers the exam. You can choose any location as per your convenience out of the 7 locations. The passing score in the written and the clinical tests are above 70%. If you have scored in the exam, the nurse aide registry will issue the certification.

Where You can Enroll

  • Clarkson College
    101 South 42nd Street, Omaha, NE 68131-2739
    Telephone: (402) 552-3100

  • Metropolitan Community College
    Suite A, 2909 Edward Babe Gomez Avenue, Omaha, NE 68111
    Telephone: (402) 738-4050

  • Creighton University
    2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68102
    Telephone: (402) 280-2700

  • Nebraska Methodist College
    3620 Leavenworth Street, Omaha, NE 68114
    Telephone: (800) 335-5510

  • Kaplan University
    5425 North 103rd Street, Omaha, NE 68134
    Telephone: (402) 572-8500

How much CNA earns in Omaha

As a nurse aide, you can earn a yearly salary of $19,000 working in a nursing home. The hospitals in city will offer you a package of $25,000 in a year. Working in a private clinic that has a good database of high-profile clients will earn you $35,000 yearly. Home care facilities will pay the lowest salary of $18,000. If you are employed in a long-term care facility, you can take home $26,000 per annum.

With so many avenues to pursue your nurse aide career in Omaha, and the annual employment growth rate of 23%, you can start earning your salary from six to eight weeks of joining your training. In case you are skeptical about meeting the training fee, you can search for free CNA classes.