CNA Classes in Tampa FL

If you calculate the number of certified nursing assistants needed throughout the United States, a larger portion of the outcome will belong to Florida State. That is the reason why hundreds of CNA classes are found in the state. In Tampa alone, there are around 26 institutions approved by the state to undertake training and fill the need of the medical industry. Since the population of Florida is increased due to a large number of people moving in the state each year, seeking a certified nursing aide career in the state is like hitting at the right target.


cost of CNA in Tampa FL
Schools, Medical Academies, Technical Institutes and Community Colleges in Tampa offer CNA classes. With so many teaching institutes in the city, it is a bit difficult to predict the cost. Each educator has the right to take tuition and charge fees as they deem appropriate. Some might include other expenses such as uniform, text books, background and medical checkup, exam fees in the fees. Others may keep the tuition fee low, and ask you to pay for additional materials supplied. In short, you may have to pay around $400 to $1200 to complete your classes.


CNA class duration in Tampa FL

Florida is included in the list of those states that have a maximum number of training hours. Unless you complete this many learning hours in the classroom and a healthcare facility, you are still at a distance from applying for the exam. Of course, the formalities you have to follow are the same throughout the country. The training hours could go longer in case you are seeking specialization in a particular field. Some institutes may train you for more hours even you are taking the regular subjects.


All classes to help you clearing the certification exam and achieve nursing aide knowledge and skills are strictly followed according to federal guidelines. The compulsory contents you have to study in the classes are:

  • CPR certification
  • Caring for the patients in the right and safest manner
  • Providing basic care such as bathing, grooming and feeding
  • Moving patients cautiously from bed to a wheelchair
  • Serving supervisors, registered nurses and physicians
  • Assisting patients for toileting
  • Learning safety skills and measures
  • Understanding human anatomy and body functions
  • Identifying the root causes and invasion of diseases
  • Taking vital, and interviewing relatives to know patients' medical history
  • Dressing wounds and controlling infection

Some institutes will teach administering medications, and IVs. Since you can also work as a home-health aide, you will learn to do the basic household duties. This includes preparing dishes, doing laundry, shopping for daily milk and bread, and attending calls in the absence of the relatives. These skills will also place you on the top in the list of employment probables in nursing homes.

Finding Tuition Assistance

While receiving financial aid for the classes is a tough job, it cannot be ignored completely. There are few training institutes that offer assistance for the certification programs though. There is a provision in the law that helps students in receiving reimbursement of the tuition fees if you are employed in the medical facility when you passed the certification exam immediately after the classes are over. In addition, you may get a chance to cover up your tuition expenses if you express your desire to work with employer sponsoring your training.

The completion of training is not the only criteria of employment in the country. When the training is done, the last step is to obtain the certification by passing the exam. The application procedures for the exam in Florida are similar to other states. The state government has given the official rights to Prometric testing agencies to handle and conduct the examination process. Your profile will be put on the Florida Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry after succeeding in the exam.

Accredited Classes

Florida is one of the luckiest states where you can find Red Cross CNA classes. As the quality of education imparted by the Red Cross is of the highest merit, you can focus your attention in getting enrolled in any one the chapter. The following are the addresses of the chapters in Tampa:

  • American Red Cross

  • 217 North Howard Avenue
    Tampa, FL 33606
    Phone: (727) 251-0921
  • 825 Fern Street
    West Palm Beach, FL 33402
    Phone: (561) 833-7711
  • 716 Renellie Drive
    Tampa, FL 33609
    Phone: (727) 251-0921

In case none of these Red Cross chapters are nearer to you, try for the online courses. If they do offer, then your state will accept it since the Red Cross is very particular about the state's rule. If you are still not able to get the admission, then there are more 23 accredited schools in Tampa alone where you can enroll. Some of them are given bellow along with their contact details:

  • Institute for Corporate and Continuing Education
    Hillsborough Community College
    39 Columbia Drive
    Tampa, FL 33606
    Telephone: (813) 259-6010

  • Ultimate Medical Academy
    9309 N Florida Ave #100, Tampa, FL 33612
    Telephone: (813) 386-6350

  • Bowers/Whitley Career Center 
    Hillsborough County Public Schools
    13609 N. 22nd St., Tampa, FL 33613
    Telephone: (813) 558-1750

  • Learey Technical Center
    5410 N. 20th Street, Tampa, Florida 33610 
    Phone number: (813) 231-1845

  • Florida Medical Prep
    8422 Silver Way, Tampa, Florida 33615
    Telephone: (727) 548-7737

Florida will see 35 percent job growth in the health-care sector until 2020 according to the U.S. Labor Bureau. This statistic is enough encouragement for people to join CNA classes in Tampa, Florida.