CNA Classes with Accredited Schools

The first step that a candidate needs to take in order to become a certified nursing assistant is to find an accredited training school for pursuing CNA course. The very first glance at the word accredited might have brought a question to your mind, what is accreditation? The term accreditation means that the institute maintains the standard requirements that can help the students seek admission in other renowned institutes for higher studies or to obtain credentials in the employment sectors. The primary objective of accreditation is to ensure that the institute provides good quality education to the students.

Which are the Accreditation Bodies for Nursing Education in the USA?

It is not the common public or the institutes that provide accreditations. There are certain regulatory bodies that have the legal authorities to provide accreditation. The two most important organizations are:

  • Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • National League of Nursing - Accrediting Commission (NLNAC)
You should always look for the NLNAC approval stamp while searching for training institutes.
CNA accredited programs

Why to Choose Accredited CNA Schools?

It is advisable to choose approved schools due to the following reasons:

  • The approved training institutes are monitored by a group of competent peers indicating that pursuing training through such schools will help the students to become skillful in order to practice the nursing skills in a medical environment.

  • While monitoring the institute they consider factors such as availability of physical resources, minutes of the meetings conducted by the faculty members of the organization, the faculty member's work experience, the budgets of the institute, their potential, annual reports, self sustainability factor of the school, and the program curriculum. Checking the program curriculum will include inquiry about the facilities available in the classroom and clinical settings, checking handbooks of the students, checking the sample test paper pattern, checking whether CNA class requirements of training are fulfilled, and going through the results of the students. The outcomes of all these aspects help determine the quality of the training schools.

  • These schools evaluate themselves on a regular basis and find out the areas of improvement. It helps improve the quality of education.

Disadvantages of Choosing an Unaccredited School

Following are the disadvantages of choosing an unaccredited school:

  • You may not get quality education from such training institutes
  • Some states do not accept education from unaccredited schools. Therefore, students from these institutes will be ineligible to appear for the exams
  • Getting a job may be difficult as most of the employers look for candidates from approved schools

Top 5 Accredited Schools in USA that Offers CNA Training Program

  • The American Red Cross Institute
    Address: Has got several chapters located in the United States of America

  • Career Colleges of America
    Address: 5612 East Imperial Hwy, South Gate, CA 90280

  • Bryan College
    Address: 721 Bryan Drive, Dayton, TN 37321

  • Houston Community College
    Address: 13803 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77083

  • Salter School of Nursing & Allied Health
    Address: 60 Rogers Street, Manchester, NH 03103

Benefits of an Ideal Accredited School

There are certain basic aspects related to CNA training program. A good accredited school always offers to students

  • High quality education and training
  • Program content that covers all the essential knowledge and skills required to become a successful nursing assistant professional
  • Versatile combination of classroom instructions, laboratory practices as well as industrial internship
  • Mental and social health education along with nursing
  • A syllabus that helps students in acquiring and developing skills regarding listening, speaking, critical thinking, maintaining interpersonal relationships, and team work
  • Students can get financial aid for education through the Department of Education
  • Credits from the previous school can be transferred to the next desired school, if required
  • Students passed out from the accredited schools get automatically qualified for their advanced education in the same or any other accredited school
  • For placement, most of the employers prefer to hire accredited practitioners as they are well trained under recognized standards
  • Accredited training prepares students for being competitive in job market

So, taking all these advantages in consideration, students must take classes through accredited schools, which will definitely help them reach their dream of becoming a successful certified nursing assistant. The accreditation can be under governmental or non-governmental supervision and it serves for an important purpose of quality assurance and quality improvement. The most important plus point of an accredited school is that it holds a direct impact on one's education as well as professional future.