CNA Classes Online

Accessing education that can offer you a career in the nursing industry has become more convenient with the use of the Internet. If learning the conventional way is impossible for you, you can take advantage of the web-based training and make your career. With this option, you gain the freedom of educating yourself by studying the e-books, watching video tutorials, and using the email and live chatting facilities on the website portal.

The online education system is widely accepted in the United States. There is a handful of states that do not agree with this distance-learning method though. Therefore, when you are opting for the Internet-based education, ensure that state authority acknowledge your efforts. Especially, when you are doing the nursing assistant training.


Online training has supplemented the traditional method of education. Countless people have accessed this learning system, and it is bound to continue forever, or until the Internet is existing. Among all the courses that are possible to pursue online, CNA training has the highest takers. Therefore, education institutions are deriving maximum benefits from the Internet and are offering the classes to thousands of individuals.

online CNA Training Classes
If you are learning online, the training may take three to six months to complete. Usually, the length of the classes would depend on the course syllabus. Each school designs the teaching program based on their experience and the needs of the medical industries of that particular area. Usually, the online training program has a schedule of 100 hours and it is divided into 80 for classroom and 20 for clinical practice. Some trainers may have more clinical hours than classroom.

Getting Admission

Getting admission in online training programs needs the same requirements as asked for the campus-based education. Every school, college and university will require you to be a high school graduate, or with a GED certification. Some institutes may ask you to submit a high school transcripts. Knowledge of computer and Internet is also required. Besides, a computer and the Internet connection is compulsory for the online class.

How to Find and What to Look For

You can contact any school, technical college or university for online classes. Best way is to get the list of the educational institutes from the state board of nursing. There are also slight chances of receiving online training with nursing homes and hospitals. Just a formal inquiry can with the facilities can strike wonders.

However, knowing if your training is accredited by the state is important. The accreditation status speaks a volume about the quality of education and compatibility with the state's rule. You can easily take the certification exam, and employers prefer candidates having graduated from the accredited programs. The list of accredited institutes may be available on the website of the state education department, or the nursing education commission.

Remember, not all the online training programs are accredited by the state. If you ignore this important aspect, you will lose money and time. There are even programs that have been accredited both by the state and the Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNA). See that you avail the advantages of such programs as they guarantee good education.

How Online Training Works

Online training works through websites. A special software is used for the design that is user-friendly and equipped with support services. You can access the classroom portal using username and password. All the study materials, assignments and video tutorials are uploaded for download. You can also go through the recorded lectures.

You will receive emails about the live conference schedules where it is compulsory to participate in it. This gives you an option to interact with students and instructors and get your answers on any queries. The clinical session will be arranged for you in a nearby medical facility. Without attending the practical session, you will not be permitted to apply for the exam. Therefore, ensure that the training includes the clinical sessions.

The venue for the exam is arranged by the testing agencies. In the United States, there are two such agencies namely Pearson Vue and Prometric that administer the exam. Be informed that you cannot take the written test in your home like you did for the classroom training. You have to attend the venue for the exam. This is to ensure a fair practice in the exam.

Online Training Institutes

  • Graceland University
    1 University Plain, Lamoni, IA 50140
    Telephone: (641) 784-5000

  • University of Phoenix
    3157 E. Elwood Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034
    Telephone: (866) 766-0766

  • National American University
    5301 U.S. 16 Srv Road, Rapid City, SD 57702
    Telephone: (605) 394-4800

  • Walden University
    100 Washington Avenue, S 900, Minneapolis, MN 55401
    Telephone: (612) 312-1200

  • Mountain State University
    410 Neville Street, Beckley, WV 25801
    Telephone: (866) 367-6781

  • Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences
    671 Winyah Drive, Orlando, Florida 32803
    Telephone: (407) 303-9798

Taking nurse assistant classes online offers you all the convenience. It helps in taking the certification exam and have the same course contents that students learn by attending lectures physically.