Cost of CNA Classes

Gearing up for a professional nursing course is not that easy. You have to consider many things in order to wear the cap of the profession. You need to cross the line drawn in yearning to learn new skills, and the cost entailed in it. No doubt, you have the enthusiasm, meet the requirements, and ready to go for the training, but the important thing is whether you can manage the cost of the CNA training class or not. For being a professional and pursue a career take more than just commitment and dedication.

Now that you have made up your mind to become a certified nursing assistant, assuming from the fact that you have landed on this page, let us try to find out the approximate cost required to take the course. You must know that there are two ways of receiving the training – traditional and online.

Following are the training sources and the average cost they charge:

Community Colleges

There is no shortage of community colleges within the United States. If you look around in your city, you will find at least thirty-five such educational institutes. This number is greater in some places as well. Anyway, since the CNA course is the most popular because of a high demand of nursing assistants, all the colleges offer the training. If you are aiming to study in an average institute, it will cost you around $200 to $350. This figure may go higher by a few hundred dollars if you are learning in a reputed college. In case, you are looking for any specialization course, be ready to pay a little extra.

Nursing Schools

There is no way to differentiate between the quality of education offered by a community college and a nursing school. However, the latter is a bit expensive in terms of cost. Since nursing schools are totally focused on providing health-care education, the course will charge you around $1200.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross is the most-sought after training institute by millions of students worldwide. The principles they follow in preparing students for the job to serve the community is what makes them appear different from others. The training offered by the Red Cross is of high quality and comprehensive. The training cost with this world-class organization is around $850 as tuition fees.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

If you want to build your nursing career without incurring any cost, then hospitals and nursing homes are the best option. As there is already a shortage of nursing assistants in these medical settings, you can contact the human -resource department and convince them why you want to join this profession. If you are able to impress them with your attitude and thinking, they may appoint you and offer free training. However, they will require you to be with them for a set period after completing the training. This is a win-win situation for you as well as the training sponsorer.

Additional Cost

Please understand that the above-mentioned average cost is only for tuition fees. Here are the additional costs that you have to bear with.

  • Exam Fees
    This compulsive fee will vary by institutions and state. However, it could be around $50 to $270.

  • Liability Insurance Policy
    Since classroom training is conducted in the premises, the training provider would want to safeguard their properties from any negligence or unintentional acts of yours. Hence, there would be $20 to $25 charge as liability insurance.

  • Study Materials
    The textbooks will be provided by the training institute for your reference, which is necessary. For this, you will have to pay additional $50 to $100. The difference is based on the whether they are giving you new or used books.

  • First-Aid and CPR course fees
    Since the American Heart Association has made it compulsory to include these life-saving topics in the training, you have to pay $50 extra.

  • Health Check and Background Check
    To secure an admission in any training institute, it is compulsory to fulfill these requirements. The state and federal governments have to ensure that you are free of any contagious disease and are not convicted for any crime. The background check will cost you $50. The physical check up will cost around $150.

  • Miscellaneous charges
    These are the other charges that you have to either pay to the institute if they provide, or purchase on your own such as stethoscope, uniforms, shoes, sandals, wrist watch, immunization cost if needed. Note, the transportation charges for commutation will rest on you. If you are availing the hostel facility, there will be additional charges the information for which can be get from the counselor of the school or college.

Cost of Online CNA Classes

Along with the traditional classes, the training providers also offer online education for the benefit of students staying at a far distance and for those people interested in a career change. The cost of the web-based training program is comparatively lower than the traditional ones since you will not be using the facility. There are also no transportation expenses as you will be learning from your home with a computer and the Internet connection.

Remember, whatever expenses mentioned here are based on average calculation. There are also options to get financial aid for the course. The total cost will depend on the state and institute you have taken admission in. However, it is better to consider the reputation, proximity and the quality of education rather than trying to save some money.