Free CNA Classes in Indiana

American states are trying hard in countering the mounting problem of under-staff in the health care industry. The situation is worst in the nursing categories, especially certified nursing assistant. Though it is estimated that there may be around 35,000 to 38,000 certified nurse aides in Indiana, the numbers seem fewer in handling the surge of patients in all the medical settings. More workforce is needed to fill the wide gap between patients and nurse aides in hospitals, nursing facilities and other areas.

All those willing to bridge the gap have to undergo CNA training. The course is short-term and incur a cost. If you cannot afford the cost, there is a possibility of securing free classes in Indiana. For that, you need to fit in the eligibility frame. It starts with securing a high school diploma or passing the G.E.D. tests.

How Free CNA Training is Accessible in Indiana

There are several non-profit organizations in Indiana that helps eligible students in pursing occupational training by offering scholarships and grants. If you belong to a military family, you can check with the American Red Cross Chapter of Clark County as well. The school or college you are seeking training might be working in association with the ARC chapter or private organizations. Speak to the financial aid director to check for scholarships and grants.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has started a unique program for the native of Indiana. According to the Workforce Investment Act, any training program that gets over in less than six months qualifies for grants. Since CNA training falls in this category, you can contact the office of the Workforce Department and learn if you are eligible or not. You may have to complete some paperworks though, in case they offer free training.

Indiana also help laid-off workers with no fault through dislocated worker funds. If you are struggling to find employment, you can be benefited with the Workforce Acceleration Grant. Take initiatives and contact the WorkOne Center nearest to you.

Medicare and Insurance Facilities

Medicare is a health care system in which the U.S. government bears the part expenses of medical treatment for people who have crossed the age of 65, and for disabled as well. It is administered and managed by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Service, both which are subsidiaries of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Medicare helps senior citizens and handicapped. However, it does not cover 100% expenses of the medical treatment. Only a portion of the expenses is covered. The remaining portion is paid by the Medicare beneficiaries.

To simplify the health insurance cover, Medicare is divided into four parts:

  • Part A (Hospital Insurance): This insurance is designed to pay part of the expenses for patients hospitalized in hospitals, taking long-term care in nursing facilities after hospital stay, hospice care and home health care.

  • Part B (Medical Insurance): This helps in paying the doctors' fees, medical services, and other supplies not included in the hospital insurance.

  • Part C (Medicare Advantage): This insurance is broader and offers a choice. People having Part A and Part B insurance can choose Part C to cover all the health care services.

  • Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage): This helps to cover the expenses of the medications prescribed by the doctors.

Employment Assurance

The health care industry in Indiana is one of the major players that is contributing to the economy of the state. There are plenty of jobs for CNA in this sector. Those who have completed the certification course and hold a license find it easy to get a job. Employment in Indiana for nurse aides is available in hospitals, health clinic, private medical office, long-term care facilities, etc. There are frequent job openings of CNA in Indiana. However, the competition is tough. Employers would consider your training and certification, relevant experience, and how one cracks the interview. To be called for an interview, it is important to make preparation by drafting an impressive and result-oriented resume.

Free Training Institutions

  • High School
    The state government of Indiana believes in preparing students for career courses right from the high school. For this, they encourage all public schools to run a program through which students can be offered nursing training at no cost. Find and attend one such public school that provides free training and be ready for a job soon after graduation.

  • Golden Living Center
    1001 W. Hively, Elkhart, IN 46517
    Phone: (574) 294-7641
    If you commit working with the centre located at Elkhart for some period after training completion, you might get a chance for free training. Before that, you need to do drug screen test and background check.

  • Prime Way Institute
    3737 N Meridian St, Ste 508, Indianapolis, IN 46208
    Phone: (317) 926-2610
    This institutes work in affiliation with nursing homes and other health care facilities in and around the Marion Country area. Make sure that you contact them through any of the facility working as a partner with them.

  • Indiana County Department of Human Services
    300 Indian Springs Road, Suite 203, Indiana, PA 15701
    Phone: (724) 463-8200
    Contact this department to find out about the scholarship grants available for CNA training.

  • St. Vincent Hospital
    2001 West 86th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46260
    Phone: (317) 338-2345 Main Line
    This hospital helps interested candidates in finding suitable locations where they can get free training and become certified nursing assistant.


Training and certification are the two important evaluation criteria to work as a certified nursing assistant in Indiana. Employment is primarily secured in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and home health organizations. There are other settings as well that cater to the people with health care services. Once a candidate is certified and employed, she or he can expect an average salary of $25,000 yearly, which is 1% higher than other states.

This shows how many opportunities are there to take free CNA training in Indiana. In addition, the Medicare and insurance facilities provided by the state government and employment assurance once a candidate completes his/her training are all exciting and encouraging factors to become a nursing aide.