Free CNA Classes in Providence RI

There are many opportunities for certified nursing assistants in Rhode Island and there is a huge demand for CNAs in this state. CNA courses are a little expensive in this state and as a result many aspirants cannot bear the fees of this course, irrespective of the high demand. There are free CNA classes in RI which would help you to pursue the course at low fees, as they are aided by government bodies.

Certified nursing aide is the entry level job in the nursing and healthcare sector and it includes mostly providing basic care for patients in healthcare facilities. It is important that you should undergo training from an accredited school or college which provides the training courses. You will have to complete 75 hours of training. The eligibiltiy criteria though varies from one state to the other, you will have to fill up an application form and submit it along with identification proofs. A background check is the most important aspect of the enrolling aspirants in such training programs.

Aspects of Free Training

CNA classes in RI
An important concept behind free CNA training is its contractual agreement. These agreements state that if you opt for free training, then you will have to work with that particular facility for a specified period of time after getting certified. There are some classes in which you may obtain free training without the requirement to work with the facility after the certification. The best opportunity to find such free classes in Providence is when there is a shortage of certified nursing aides in the state. There are many government bodies that provide welfare benefits through certain accredited schools and colleges. This is to help the aspirants to enroll in the training and become successful certified nursing professionals in various healthcare facilities across the state.

Local community colleges are the best place to look at as you are most likely to find free training programs or training programs with subsidized fees . Another option is to approach the colleges that provide CNA classes with financial aid. You can inquire at the college department, as they would be able to assist you to enroll in free training programs. Some colleges also help you to obtain grants and scholarships that will reduce the burden of the fees.

Institutes that offer Free CNA Training in Providence RI

  • Evergreen House Health Center
    Address: 1, Evergreen Drive, East Providence,
    Rhode Island- 02914

  • Bannister House Inc.
    Address: 135, Dodge Street, Providence,
    Rhode Island- 02907

Institutes that offer Free CNA Training in Rhode Island

  • Forest Farm Health Care Center
    193, Forest Avenue, Newport
    Rhode Island- 02840

  • Alpine Nursing Home Inc.
    P.O. Box No. 457, Coventry
    Rhode Island- 02816

  • Ballou Home for the Aged
    60, Mendon Road, Woonsocket
    Rhode Island- 02895

  • Grace Barker Nursing Center Inc.
    54, Barker Avenue, Warren
    Rhode Island- 02885

  • Holiday Retirement Home Inc.
    30, Sayles Hill Road, Manville
    Rhode Island- 02838

  • Laurel Healthcare Center
    51, Laurel Avenue, Coventry
    Rhode Island- 02816

  • Scallop Shell Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    981, Kingstown Road, Peace Dale
    Rhode Island- 02879

Basic Requirements of a Nursing Aide in Rhode Island

CNA classes requirements in RI
  • You should be eighteen years old and must have completed at least high school diploma in order to be considered eligible for the nursing training program.
  • You will have to clear the background check as well as to be enrolled in the training program.
  • You will have to pass the qualifying exams that test your reading and writing skills. If you fail in these exams, a few schools and colleges do provide training to improve your reading and writing skills. This is to test whether you are good at communicating with patients and do the necessary reporting responsibilities.

As the training program commences, you will have to be punctual and attend all the classes, as attendance is compulsory. Theoretical sessions, skills lab and clinical sessions are the main aspects of the training program and you will be expected to hone your skills and knowledge in major areas like infection control, daily care, emergency care, recording vital signs and helping the patients during and after medical examinations.

CNA Salary in Providence RI

Certified nursing assistants are paid on an hourly basis because their schedule changes every week. In Providence RI, the starting salary for nursing assistants is around USD 32,000 per year. However, with the increase in experience, the salary can rise upto USD 46,000 per year. Thus, on an average, you can earn around USD 38,000 per year.

Other sources of income as a nursing assistant is working for extra hours and working in weekends. Besides, if you work in night shifts, some nursing schools provide around USD 2 to USD 3 more than the normal hourly salary.

You should be careful in selecting the free CNA classes in Providence RI so as to obtain well-paying jobs and broaden your scope of professional growth in your field of expertise.