How Long are CNA Classes

Assimilating the tricks of any trade takes time. Certified nursing assistant profession is no different. In fact, considering the influential nature of the occupation that can cause changes in patients' conditions, acquainting yourself with the use of apparatus for medical treatment, and knowledge of nursing care is good for you and the employers. Then whether the classes are for four or six weeks hold no importance. Anyway, since the topic has been raised, let us see the several factors affecting the duration of the course.

Classes Types

The duration of the CNA classes will depend on how comprehensive the course is. Since the training programs mostly offer the basic or fundamental nursing knowledge, it does not take longer. Some courses are for two weeks while others for eight months. The sooner the training gets wraps up, the lesser knowledge you will get. The longer the duration, the more topics you will cover, which eventually will add up to your knowledge. Now how much information of the profession you need to store in your mind will depend on you. Both the options for shorter and longer duration courses are available for you. Moreover, these courses can qualify you for the certification exam as they exceed the minimal state-required training hours. Even if you are going for the shorter duration, you can still pass the exam and get your certification, but only after hard work.

Class Schedule

CNA classes offer the flexibility to choose the schedule. Many individuals have one or other types of commitments, and they are not able to invest a whole day for the training. Therefore, institutions have planned the schedule to accommodate all the needs of individuals. If your parents are taking care of the financial needs and there is no need for you to work in order to pay the tuition fees, you can pick full time classes. Of course, you will have to spare at least seven hours a day for the training, excluding the time to travel to and from the institute. The benefit of the full time classes is that they are of shorter length. After getting used to with the pace of the class, time flies faster and the course is completed easily.

Training is also scheduled for individuals who can spare limited time. These are the part-time classes for those engaged in other activities during the day. However, since the training hours are less, the duration is usually longer.


Your dedication and commitment to the training directly interact with the length of the classes. If you are irregular to the classes, the course duration obviously gets stretched. Therefore, limitations on missing classes are set by the training institutions. The poor attendance may also get you expel from the class without getting any refund for the money you have paid. The tendency to postpone training is higher in students who are taking online classes. The reason, they knew that classes are available for them twenty-four hours a day. Hence, they are gripped with a lethargic attitude. Therefore, to finish the course in the schedule time, you have to apply total dedication.

Training Institutions

The duration of CNA classes depends on the training institute. Because the institutions offer more training hours to students than accepted by the federal government, you may complete the training either in six weeks or twelve weeks. Further, the educators are also offering various types of training courses to candidates. Therefore, the type of course would decide the length of the course. For instance, if the course you are doing specializes in geriatric nursing, then the duration may take longer as it is a specialized field.

Training Hours

A 72-hour training program may last for less than four weeks. This is assuming that you are taking seven hours of training in a day and three times a week. There are some training courses that last for 150 hours. If you are enrolled in any such course, then you may finish it between four to six months. In addition, the speed of teaching is also considered in deciding the course length. If you are learning one topic a day, you can imagine the time it needs to complete the remaining.

To conclude, the length of the CNA classes are not the same as there are many training institutes, the teaching style and the course contents of which vary. Therefore, pondering on the length of the classes, you must rather consider the quality and reputation of the institute.