Red Cross CNA Classes

American Red Cross have been offering CNA training for more than 20 years. Their aim is to provide comprehensive and quality information and skills to prospective nurse assistants so that they can use their knowledge and abilities in helping patients with quality care. The course syllabus is designed after holding endless discussions, and inviting suggestions from health-care professionals serving the industry for a long time. Further, attention is also taken that students are well informed about the latest medical technology, and they do not face any issue regarding the state and federal compliance.

How to Enroll

First, look out for a Red Cross chapter in your city. There are two ways to find out - through their official website and the Nurse Aide Registry. The latter option is better since the Red Cross will follow the same rules as dictated by your state. This means, if the state allows a 16-year-old for the course, then he or she is eligible for an admission.

American Red Cross Training Classes
You need to register by calling at the given number on their website for an introduction session at their venue. The speaker will take you through a guided tour and explain all the details from the course fees, duration, syllabus, examination procedures, dress code, etc. If you do not have time to attend the session, you can download the application packet from the website. In that, you will see a self-assessment health form and background information disclosure form. Send those forms along with an application form to appear for an entrance test. If you are able to get through the test, you are eligible for the admission.

Program Principles

When certain principles are incorporated into the teaching program, students surely get benefited. The Red Cross have included total six beliefs in their training program. They are infection-control measures, privacy, open communication, safety, dignity and encouraged independence. The idea behind combining these six principles of care in the program is to improve the quality care provided to residents in hospitals, long-term care facilities and at home. Though nursing skills are the main criteria in improving and enhancing the essence of care, it is the program philosophy that helps nursing assistants in empathizing with the problems and needs of the residents.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course is to prepare nurse assistants to:

  • Be able in building relationship, improve interpersonal skills so that they can converse with patients on a one-to-one basis
  • Empathize with patients' emotional, mental and social needs
  • Help patients in overcoming problems and becoming independent to do daily activities on their own
  • Learn documentation and observation skills in maintaining patients' medical record and monitoring vital signs
  • Provide the best nursing treatment to residents
  • Respect the dignity and privacy of clients
  • Provide input for the development of the health-care system

Program Policies

Just getting an admission to the course is not sufficient. You have to work hard and follow the code and polices in order to appear in the certification exam. You cannot miss the class, and even if you do, you have to make good for it. You will have to pay extra, which will be charged on an hourly basis for recovering the missed lectures. Participating in all types of events and sessions is compulsory. Demonstration of skills in all practical sessions is a must. The passing mark in the final examination is minimum 80%.

How the classes are conducted

Teaching is done by registered nurses who have passed the adult training examination administered by the Red Cross. Lectures are held in the classroom along with video demonstration to make learning easier and faster. Practice sessions are held in the classroom first with the help of students. After that, they are taken to an actual health-care setting.

Course Content

Mostly, the course content would depend on what the state requires from nursing assistants. However, some additional topics would be included considering the state's requirements like the following:

  • Introduction to basics of nursing
  • Measures and methods of controlling infection
  • Communication, documentation and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of safety rules and work conducts
  • Measuring and recording vital signs
  • Positioning, lifting and transporting people
  • Assisting patients with personal care
  • Preparing and following admission, transfer and discharge procedures
  • Understanding importance of hygiene and nutrition
  • Providing personal and nursing care
  • Providing care to patients suffering from AIDS, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis
  • Looking after Alzheimer's and Dementia's patients
  • Life skills training, and offering end-of-life care
  • Time management

Scholarship Programs

Getting a scholarship to the Red Cross CNA program is possible by filling the application downloading it from their website. However, not all expenses are included on the scholarship programs. You need to mention and submit proof for annual household income. Financial aid will be provided for the amount that you are not capable of paying it. Granting of the scholarship will depend on your economical condition and needs. After submitting the application and income proof, the local chapter will contact you within three to four weeks.

Red Cross CNA Course
Why Red Cross is Good Option

Red Cross is renowned in the world for their humanitarian work and quality education. They offer training in compliance with the state and federal rules. They are recognized nationally and internationally. They have kept their fee and course structure affordable and easy to follow. They have loads of experience in producing good health care professionals to the industry.

Address for contact:

American Red Cross National Headquarters
2025 E Street
Washington, DC 20006
Contact: 1-800-733-2767

Starting your nursing career with the Red Cross is a dream of every student. If there is no branch of this reputed organization in your city, you can contact them for nearest one. Alternatively, look for online CNA classes with other institutes, which is also a good option to enter the medical profession.