Schools and Nursing Homes that offer CNA Classes

While thinking of pursuing long-term career in nursing or allied health science field, one must be certified to work as a professional in the same. The students need to undergo appropriate training from recognized institute. The CNA classes are conducted at several nursing homes, health care facilities, and community colleges. Many nursing aspirants choose to get trained at nursing homes.

Why Nursing Homes?

There are several reasons why nursing homes are considered to be the best place to obtain training. Some of them are:

  • Its Availability: There are several nursing homes and schools that provide excellent quality training. So enrolling for a training program is not a big problem as they are easily accessible.
  • Excellent Quality Training: Many experts such as registered nurses and trainers who are highly experienced in the field of nursing conduct classes. The nursing homes and schools possess all the amenities and modern equipment that are required for training as well as treatment purposes. Thus, candidates get hands on experience in using the equipment.
  • Good Environment: Freshers feel comfortable learning in a home like environment. They are exposed to both clinical and educational sectors of nursing homes.

Requirements of a Nursing School

After having found the desired and suitable nursing home to pursue training, the next step is to gather information about the requirements of the school and enroll for the training. Some of the pre-requisites that are considered while seeking admission for the CNA training are:

  • Accreditation Status
    Before enrolling into any nursing home, you should check its reputation and accreditation level. It is essential that the nursing school should possess a valid recognition from the State Department of Health. Training from a non-accredited school might at times go in vain as most of the employers prefer employees from a reputed training institute.
  • Teaching Quality
    Nursing homes provide good quality teaching. However it is better to get information about the quality of teaching then seek admission. No doubt nursing homes have got all the amenities, but inquiring about it will prove beneficial. The best way to confirm these details is to meet the trainees who have passed from these schools and ask them about the quality of teaching provided.
  • Accessibility
    Time is a precious thing. It is advisable to find schools in or near your locality, so that you do not waste much of your time in traveling and concentrate more on the training.
  • Cost
    Training at these institutes is cost effective, yet it is good to inquire about the cost well in advance, so that you can make necessary arrangements. Details about the tuition fees, practical sessions cost, examination fees, certification, and license fees should also be clarified.
  • Type of Training
    Some nursing homes also provide free classes for certified nursing assistant and online CNA classes. So if you are interested to learn through any of these modes, then you may inquire about it with respect to all the above mentioned grounds and accordingly take the necessary steps for admission.
  • Duration
    The duration of the classes varies from one nursing school to another. Therefore, it is good to know about the duration and training plan accordingly. However, the minimum duration of the training in all the states is 75 hours, so make sure that this criteria is fulfilled.
  • Job Opportunities
    All the nursing homes do not provide job assistance. However, if they possess all the above mentioned qualities then finding a job will not be a difficult task after getting proficient training from such recognized medical facilities.

How to Find Schools and Nursing Homes in your Area?

After taking into consideration all the above mentioned points, your search for nursing homes offering CNA classes can begin. Some of the ways to find them are:

  • Contact the State Board of Nursing. They have a list of nursing schools that provide training.
  • Directly visit the nursing home and ask them if they conduct classes for certified nursing assistants. If not then you may ask them if they know about any other school that conducts classes.
  • Get in touch with the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO). The function of this department is to consider the quality of health care provided at the nursing homes. Try to speak with the senior leaders or the program managers of the QIO to get information about the classes.
  • Other sources of information are friends, relatives, newspapers and internet

CNA Course Content in Nursing Homes

Students taking classes in nursing homes are continuously attending on-job training, as they get to perform all the duties in a non-virtual clinical environment. They learn to perform the duties of a certification medication aide under the supervision of a registered nurse. Some of them include:

  • Monitor the liquid and food intake of the patients
  • Respond to the patients call
  • Ambulate the residents
  • Perform vital tests and monitor their health conditions
  • Assist the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and the Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Maintain the hygiene of the patients
  • Prepare the patients for surgery

Nursing homes are thus providing an advantageous opportunity to make a career in the nursing field. The classes conducted in these type of health care organizations develop talented and skillful CNAs.