Short-term CNA Classes

Sometimes, it is good to find the shortest way in order to achieve something big. For instance, there are a few careers-building training programs that help people in following what they love doing, without any need of schooling. Among those training programs, short CNA classes are hitting the scale of popularity with a bang due to ongoing demand of nursing assistants. After all, people are getting an opportunity to start a health care career that offers so many benefits. If you are also looking for a way to get your foot in the health care industry, you can do so in one week. Surprised! Yes, it is possible to complete the classes in one week and mark a new beginning in your life.

Wait! There is no need to hurry. First, ponder a little on whether you can cope with the fast pace of the training program. If you are rock-solid determined, then start looking where you can enroll in the crash course. Since nursing assistant courses are easily sold out and people wait anxiously for the next batch to start, precaution is most important to save yourself from falling for the faux classes. Faux does not mean that you will not be taught the nursing subjects. In reality, the term is used for those courses that are not accredited by the state. If you are carried away by the promising ad of the institute selling non-accredited courses, you cannot access the certification exam without which you will receive no certification.

How Short Classes Work

Short-term CNA Class
Since all states have made 72 hours of training compulsory to sit in the exam, you have to receive training for this many hours. Whether you do it for several weeks or in just one week does not bother the state you live in or your would-be employer. It is equally necessary to find which institute is ready to teach nursing skills in one week. If you are set for the intense course, the Institute will divide the 72-hours into a week. This means, classes will be for all the five days of the week that will last for 14 hours a day. If the classes is for seven days, then daily 10 hours of training is compulsory. It has to be seen if any instructors are willing to work for hours lasting for 10 and over.

Further, how your mind will grab the teaching is also important to know. Since the time is less and subject matters are more, revising what you have learned is not possible in the class. The instructors will hardly encourage you to put your questions forth or help you solve your problems. You will also have no energy to go through the lessons at home after spending so many hours at the school or college. You have to do research and find your own ways to pass the exam. You will just succeed in passing the exam, but you will need some more preparation for the job.


If you are concerned about the success rate of the class, then do remember that it depends how serious you are and how seriously the institute takes you. Nevertheless, there are some benefits you would surely have by enrolling for the class.

  • Quick Employment

Employers are not concerned whether you have done the standard six-week course or have graduated through a one-week program. The sooner you finish the course, you can apply for the job with the help of the certificate you receive by the institute. However, within four months, you have to get the certification, or you may lose the job.

  • Time Saving

By doing the intense learning course, you will save lots of time. Since the six-week program has been condensed into one week, there is no waiting long for completing the course. Besides time, expenses that would be incurred in commuting is also saved.


Since advantages and disadvantages go hand-in-hand, there are also some drawbacks of the crash course. Since the sessions are intense and continuous, it is not easy to grasp all the things taught in the class. In all likelihoods, you may forget or skip one thing or another. If the ongoing speed gets too much for you, your mind will long for a break. But since the course has to be finished in one week, there is no time for a respite. Further, falling sick or nervous breakdown may occur.

The last piece of advice to you is go for the short CNA classes only if you have some kind of medical background. It is easy to be with the flow of the classes for those who have worked in a private clinic or medical office. Otherwise, the regular six-week course offered by accredited schools are the best.